Rooftop Stepover Platforms

Bespoke or Off-The-Shelf Solution

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Rooftop Stepover Platforms

Site owners and managers should prioritize Safe Access Stepover and Access Platforms to ensure workers can easily and safely overcome the hazards of modern roofs and industrial environments. Cable trays, equipment, and sudden changes in level can all pose risks to workers. In order to keep workers safe, Kee Step and access platforms provide a safe and visible route over these hazards.

Off-the-shelf & custom-made rooftop stepover platforms

Whether you require standard off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions, we have a stepover solution for you. Both internally in warehouses and factories, or externally on rooftops and other surfaces, stepover platforms provide a safe way over obstacles.

Kee Step is designed to work with a variety of roof surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and PVC membranes. Modular designs make them easy to install, maintain, and can even be installed freestanding.

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Kee Step – The Perfect Stepover Platform for You!

Kee Walk platforms comply with EN14122-3 and have been thoroughly tested. In addition, we offer Mini Step-Overs for low-level obstacles that do not require a full-size solution, ranging from 200mm to 400mm high, compliant with EN516 Class 1-C, suitable for cable trays and low-lying pipework. Our Kee Walk walkway system can be combined with platforms to create a demarcated path through almost any environment.

The Kee Step platforms are preassembled for ease of installation and comply with BS 14122-2/3:2016. They are suitable for obstacles up to 1400mm high, and do not require roof penetration.

A Promise from Us

If necessary, additional handrails can be provided

Steel galvanized

Suitable for internal and external use

You can include lockable gates

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Why stepovers?


Compliant to industry standards

Our step platforms are designed in accordance with UK and EU safety standards for assured operation. Bespoke units can be designed to suit your project.


For your piece of mind & easy installation

Our safety experts will provide assistance from start to finish. We will answer your questions, design solutions and provide drawings, run site survey and even help you install the units. Just get in touch.


Suitable for most environments

Made of corrosion resistant Kee Klamp fittings and featuring anti-slip threads, our safety step platforms suit all types of industrial environments and can even be permanently left on a roof.

60 Second Overview of Stepover Platforms

A few examples of how Kee Step can be used

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