Kee Track®

Overhead fall arrest systems

Kee Track® Overhead Fall Arrest Systems

In the UK, falls from heights account for the majority of fatal workplace injuries. Site owners and managers are responsible for everyone’s safety on their sites. Making sure your workers have the right safety equipment is an excellent way to meet this obligation.

Highwire’s Fall Protection System ensures workers’ safety when working at height. By offering a comprehensive solution to eliminate the risk of falls from height, our Kee Track Fall Protection System addresses a critical need in workplace safety. Incorporating a rigid rail track overhead ensures workers are secure at elevated levels by providing reliable restraint or fall arrest. In addition to putting safety first, this innovative approach also takes into consideration practicality and cost-effectiveness.

With its unique and powerful modular concept, the Kee Track Fall Protection System is designed to safely and effectively arrest falls. The Kee Track System’s modular design allows for quick and easy installation and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective fall protection solution. Furthermore, the system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any workplace.

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How is Kee Track® superior to other tracking systems?

What makes Kee Track different?

Several track systems are available, but Kee Track is preferred due to its distinct advantages.

Easily installed – Kee Track can be easily installed using standard tools and lifting devices. There is no need for welding equipment. Installation and operation of most systems can be completed within a day, resulting in minimal downtime.

Flexible design – It is common for overhead safety systems to be expensive or to offer limited flexibility because of their large size. Overhead plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems are limited in scope and effectiveness. Like other engineered systems, Kee Track can be attached to existing purlins and secondary steel.

A future-proof installation – Kee Track can be adapted to suit your working environment if you need to rearrange it. Unlike engineered systems, our modular design allows for reconfiguration.

Tested extensively – When it comes to safety, a sense of security is priceless. With decades of experience in fall protection, Kee Safety products, like Kee Track, are developed with expert advice. The following recognized standards have been extensively tested by members of global safety committees:

  • EN 795: 2012 / CEN TS 16415:2013
  • BS 8610:2017
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.140 & 1926.502

We provide our customers with the confidence that they are dealing with a company that has been assessed to meet high safety and health standards.

KeeTrack-Overhead Rigid Lifeline System

Kee Track: Is it right for your industry?

It is common to have a limited amount of floor space. Its roof-mounted low profile rails provide exceptional overhead fall protection, allowing open floor plans for production, storage, and material handling. In addition to warehouses and facilities with high roof heights, the system can also be utilized in facilities with standard roof heights. There is no need for column supports, and most roof infrastructures can be accommodated.

Protecting your valuables – If you need to stop a fall over a short distance, a track system is your best option. Fall distances should be kept short not only for the safety of the individual, but also for the equipment being worked on. An aircraft wing or delicate manufacturing equipment can be severely damaged by a fall.

Kee Track Fall Protection System is ideal for use in a wide variety of industries. They are:










Repair Facilities



Facade Maintenance

Facade Maintenance

Roof Solutions for All Types

A major advantage of Kee Track is its wide range of mounting options. Additionally to beams, trusses, and concrete, the system can be secured to internal roof structures. We can provide bespoke connectors if needed.

Steelwork for primary and secondary purposes: The Kee Track company specializes in primary steelwork such as columns, rafters, and bracing, as well as secondary steelwork such as purlins.

A parallel or perpendicular line: Up and down or side to side? Maybe both at once? With its flexible mounting options, your fall protection system will work for you, no matter how your facility is organized.


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