Kee Safety Hazards & Solutions overview

Below are images of external and internal hazards you may typically find in a working facility. One of the most significant and potentially life-threatening dangers is the presence of unprotected edges. A fall from height, no matter the distance, can cause substantial injury and protective measure must be taken.

Key Safety has the necessary measures required when it comes to guard rails, in the form of Kee Lite and Kee Access, cost-effective alternatives to traditional welded handrail systems. Kee Access handrails were even the recent subject for a new footpath. There are also personal fall protection products for use in situations where collective protection solutions are not suitable, such as anchor points, via Kee Anchor and Kee Line.

A third, often overlooked, aspect of height safety is that of rooftop openings and skylights, which can be covered with Kee Dome and Kee Cover respectively. These reduce the risk skylights pose, ensuring working at height can be done safely, and without sunlight being blocked from the interior below.

Other safety and protection services are available, including the Kee Mark Demarcation System and Highwire’s Lightning Protection Service. In accordance to standard BS EN 62305, we inspect and maintain lightning conductors, ensuring they are in good working conduction with no unnoticed damage.

assessing external safety hazards onsite
External safety hazards
assessing internal safety hazards