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Self Closing Safety Gates

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Kee Gate Self-Closing Safety Gates/ Industrial Safety Gates

Kee Gate self-closing safety gates can be used in industrial or rooftop environments. Expertly designed to provide permanent edge protection without restricting access.

Kee Gate Self-Closing Safety Gates for Maximum Safety and Access

With Kee Gates, you’re never at risk of falling or getting hurt because they’re spring-loaded, so there’s no chance of slips or falls.

Kee Gates offer a safer edge protection solution than chains or sliding bars, without limiting access or egress.

You can retrofit Kee Gates to existing guardrail structures or use them in conjunction with other Kee Safety products for a comprehensive safety solution.

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Kee Gates can be used around machinery and equipment, ladders, and delineated areas both inside and outside. They have been extensively tested and certified to ensure that they are effective and safe.

  • BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 – (Opening and closing of Gates through 90 degrees)
  • ASTM B117-11 salt spray testing
  • CE-certified in accordance with EN 1090
  • Work at Height Regulations Compliant

Moreover, the modular design ethos enables the gates to be fully adjustable and adaptable. With a standard width of 1m, these gates can be cut to size easily, or used in pairs to secure larger spans.

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Why Use Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gates?


Fully Adaptable

Use on rooftops and industrial openings up to 1.8m wide.



Single, full height and double gates available. Cut to size on-site easily.


Unmatched Flexibility

Can be fixed to upright or flat surfaces from 33.7mm to 48.3mm diameter with two U-Bolts.

60 Second Overview of Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gates

A few examples of how Kee Gate can be used

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