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Height Safety Equipment Inspection and Certification

The Health and Safety Act requires site owners and managers to regularly inspect and certify fall safety equipment.

You are Responsible for Inspections and Certifications

Whenever there is a risk of a fall resulting in injury or worse, Work at Height Regulations are enforced. These regulations apply to more than just roofs, as they even cover low level or underground work. It is a common misconception that these regulations only apply to roofs.

All height safety equipment must be inspected and recertified annually if these regulations apply to the site you manage or own.

With Highwire, you’re guaranteed safe equipment and peace of mind with comprehensive equipment inspections and recertifications.

How do I know if my equipment needs Inspection and Certification?

It does not matter how good the equipment or system is, they degrade with use, putting users at risk. Inspections are crucial for detecting these faults before they cause serious harm.

You should also recertify so that you have physical evidence that you have met your obligations and can demonstrate your commitment to safety in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong. This is why inspections and certification should be performed by an external and independent third party, who can verify the system’s safety and provide you with the necessary documentation.

Height Safety Equipment Maintenance, Service, and Repair, including:

  • Height Safety Cable Systems
  • Height Safety Anchor Points
  • Bespoke Structural Fixings
  • Permanent Access Ladders
  • Fixed & Free Standing Guardrails
  • Walkways
  • Step-over Units
  • Rooflight Protection Covers
  • Abseiling Track Systems, Davits & Anchor Points
  • Confined Space Solutions
  • Roof-top Demarcation Systems
  • Maintenance and Service of Flagpoles
  • Fixed Bolt Testing on Totems
  • Visual Inspections of staircases

We design, install, commission, and support height access systems in addition to maintaining and servicing them.

Inspections, Services and Certification

Highwire staff are fully accredited to deliver a comprehensive range of inspection and certification services to ensure your installation is fully compliant with the latest regulations and, most important, ready for you, your staff and your contractors to use in safety.

Services include:

Recertification Timeline

Examples of what needs to be inspected, and when

System/EquipmentInspection Regime

Fall arrest cable system

BMUs and Suspended access equipmentAnnually
(Load testing)
Abseiling equipmentEvery 6 months
Personal Fall Prevention Equipment (PFPE)Every 6 months
(Inspected & recertified))
Building Maintenance Units (BMUs)Every 6 months
(Visual inspection)


Minor repairs are included within our price. E.g. split pins / re-tensioning / replacement of small number of bolts etc. We don’t set out to fail the system or find faults, in order to charge a revisit repair cost. Many of our competitors may go in extremely competitive on the initial re-test price but their intention is to make excessive money on the repairs.

A full survey of major faults is supplied with our non-conformance certificate should the system fail.

FAQs about Highwire’s Inspection and Certification Services for Mansafe Systems

1. What is a Mansafe system, and why is it crucial for worker safety?

A Mansafe system refers to fall protection systems designed to protect workers from fall hazards, ensuring they work safely, especially in the construction industry or on any roof structure. These systems, including fall arrest, fall restraint systems, and personal protective equipment, are critical because they prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall by either stopping the fall before it happens (restraint) or safely arresting a fall in progress (arrest).

2. How often should Mansafe and other fall protection systems be inspected and certified?

Under the Health and Safety Act, all Mansafe systems and fall protection equipment must undergo inspection and recertification annually. However, more frequent inspections—every 6 months—are required for specific equipment like abseiling equipment and personal fall prevention equipment to ensure their integrity and functionality.

3. What does an inspection and certification service for Mansafe systems involve?

Highwire’s inspection and certification service involves a thorough examination of the Mansafe and fall protection systems, including checks on stainless steel wire ropes, energy absorbers, constant force posts, and other components. It ensures everything from the roof edge to access areas meets the highest level of safety standards. Minor repairs, like split pins replacement or re-tensioning, are included to maintain the system’s integrity without additional charges.

4. Can Highwire inspect and certify all types of Mansafe systems?

Yes, Highwire has the expertise and accreditation to inspect and certify virtually all types of Mansafe and fall protection systems. This includes bespoke solutions tailored to specific requirements of a site, ensuring safe access and worker safety across various environments.

5. How does Highwire ensure the structural adequacy of Mansafe systems during certification?

Highwire utilises its in-house structural expertise to verify the structural adequacy of Mansafe systems. This involves assessing components, installation quality, and adherence to BS EN standards to ensure that each system provides reliable fall protection and meets regulatory requirements.

6. What makes Highwire different from other safety inspection services?

Highwire stands out due to its comprehensive approach to safety and integrity, offering a unique blend of in-house structural expertise, annual recertification, and a commitment to avoiding unnecessary repairs. Unlike some competitors, Highwire’s primary goal is to ensure your Mansafe system is compliant and fully functional, not to levy hidden charges for additional repairs.

7 Key Benefits of Choosing Highwire for Your Mansafe System Inspection and Certification

  1. Expertise and Accreditation: Highwire brings a wealth of knowledge in fall protection, ensuring your Mansafe systems are up to code with the latest safety standards.
  2. Comprehensive Inspections: From stainless steel components to shock absorbers, every aspect of your fall protection is thoroughly inspected for peace of mind.
  3. Annual Recertification: Stay compliant with mandatory safety regulations through our diligent annual inspection and certification process.
  4. Structural Integrity Checks: Leveraging our structural expertise, we ensure your Mansafe system meets all specific requirements and BS EN standards for utmost safety.
  5. Minor Repairs Included: We handle minor repairs on the spot to maintain your system’s integrity without additional costs.
  6. No Hidden Charges: With Highwire, you receive transparent service without the fear of unexpected expenses for repairs post-inspection.
  7. Safety First Approach: Our priority is your workers’ safety and the reliability of your fall protection systems, guiding our every action and recommendation.

By choosing Highwire for your Mansafe system inspection and certification, you ensure not only regulatory compliance but also the safety and well-being of everyone relying on these critical safety systems.

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