Industrial Ladders

Safe Industrial ladder solutions


Industrial Ladders

In many industrial sites, ladders allow safe access to rooftops and raised areas, despite their simple design. It is imperative that these ladders are designed properly and are safe to use.

The following factors should be considered when purchasing an industrial ladder:

  • What is the frequency of use of the ladder?
  • Is there any equipment or tools to be carried?
  • Is the ladder the primary/only means of access?
  • How and where will the ladder be fixed?

With a wide range of ladders designed and manufactured to the highest standard, Highwire offers ladders for all requirements.

Ladders for commercial and industrial use

All of our ladders are made of aluminium, making them suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use (we also offer ladders in GRP or galvanised steel). BS5395 and BS4211 aluminum access ladders are available, and they can be installed on almost any wall type that meets their structural requirements. According to BS5395, ladder safety cages must be over 2.5m and can be easily modified to fit any wall type or geometry. Safety cages can be made safer by adding wire mesh.

It is possible to provide a lockable door to prevent unauthorised entry and exit. Climbers can be assisted on and off the ladder with platforms powder coated in RAL colours or bespoke designs.

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Industrial ladders

Concertina ladders for commercial and industrial use

An industrial ladder can be equipped with exit steps to make it easier to get on and off. Ladders can also be raised and lowered electronically. Concertina Ladder can be operated from above and below thanks to its top handle and mechanism.

Ladders made of aluminum comply with BS EN 14975:2006 and A1:2010 standards, and they can be retrofitted onto existing hatches. Ladders can be equipped with telescopic safety handrails for a safer entry and exit. They can be easily adapted to any wall type, geometry, or height up to 3.7m. Each ladder comes with an attachment pole for safe descent.

A few examples of how roof ladders can be used

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