Easi-Dec Mobile Safe Access Platform

Safe Access Working Platform

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Easi-Dec Mobile Safe Access Platform is an ideal alternative to scaffolding for regular, short-term access to rooflines.

Easi-Dec Mobile Safe Access Platform for Safe, Rapid Roofline Access

With a 2m working length, the Easi-Dec is ideal for window installation, fascia, soffit, and gutter maintenance, where scaffolding would be prohibitively expensive. The system’s telescopic legs enable it to easily overcome obstacles and changes in level.

It takes just 10-20 minutes to rapidly assemble the Easi-Dec platform on the ground and raise it to the roofline level. The Easi-Dec platform uses zero moving parts and no tools for assembly.


Easy-Dec Mobile Safe Access Platform offers a comprehensive solution for mobile access

Easi-Dec’s standard 2m system allows 2 operatives to safely carry out a variety of external building work. As a result of its aluminium design, it can easily be ‘lifted and shifted’ to other areas of a building; or if a wider solution is required, several Easi-Decs may be daisy-chained together.

Easi-Dec also offers the Mono-Dec for single-user use and the Solar-Dec with a floor panel and hoist system for safe solar panel installation.

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Why Use Easi-Dec?


Rapid Acces

Rapid, safe access to roof level.


Rapid Installation

Can be built at ground level and raised into position in less than 10 minutes


Easy Adjustment

Independently adjustable, telescopic legs ensure a secure base even on uneven or sloping ground.

A few examples of how Easi-Dec can be used

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