Consultation, Design and Site Surveys

System Design and Detailed Site Analysis

Highwire Ltd. consulting services provide an early identification of fall protection hazards, Façade Access, and Glass Replacement solutions to minimize the risks, and programs to implement training and inspection programs.

Highwire Offers Fall Protection Site Surveys for Existing and New Build Projects

Almost all sites recognize the need to protect their workers, but where do they begin? A comprehensive fall protection program can be built by identifying hazards, recognizing alternatives to resolve them, and gaining the information needed to prioritize issues safely.

Our highwire site survey includes a one-day site tour, interviews with personnel, and observations of ongoing work. After the tour, a written report identifies hazards and recommends solutions, as well as equipment requirements and training recommendations. If you are just starting your fall protection program or wish to discover the range of issues that need to be addressed, our Highwire site survey will provide you with the solid foundation that you need to build a successful one.

Higwire Design Consultancy Includes:

  • Liaison with the design team
  • Full design drawings
  • Structural calculations
  • Assistance with product specification

Highwire Safety Products Includes:

  • Mansafe (TM) Fall arrest systems
  • Track fall arrest systems
  • Guardrail
  • Eyebolts & ladder ties
  • Walkway
  • Safety ladders
  • Abseil Track
  • Abseil anchors
  • Anchor points
  • Bespoke structural fixings

NB- This is a typical and not and exhaustive list

Clients can also make full use of our expertise at design stage whilst still having the option to put the final design to competitive tender.

Cost structure: Costed staged proposal on receipt of brief. Discount if successful in obtaining installation package.

Free: Up to 1/2 hr telephone/ email advice to architects, CA’s and Health and Safety advisors

Training and Development Programs

Highwire Offers Fall Protection Program

Highwire Ltd. helps its clients develop the most effective fall protection programs. The level of our involvement depends on our in-house expertise. In addition, we can develop custom courses, site-specific manuals, train the trainer programs, and equipment maintenance and inspection programs tailored to your site.

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