Nexus Metro Rail, Newcastle upon Tyne




Nexus Metro Rail

Installation Details


Nexus Metro Rail has numerous ventilation shafts which require cleaning on a regular basis. In some cases the shafts can exceed 30 metres deep. Nexus need to keep their operatives safe whilst descending the ladders and carrying out their cleaning duties.


Highwire Ltd installed the Soll Glideloc Fall Arrest systems to the existing ladders. The systems provide safe access for the operatives whilst in the ventilation shafts, without having to disconnect and reconnect. The Soll Glideloc ladders conform to EN353-1 meaning that Nexus complies with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and Emcor UK meets with CDM requirements.

Special Requirements:

Nexus Ltd has an extremely strict Health and Safety policy to follow. Highwire Ltd’s technicians required Asbestos Awareness certification due to ‘asbestos corking’ within the shafts.
All site staff had to be trained in the safe access and egress from the shafts and specialist PPE, including masks, overalls and gloves, were worn to comply with Nexus procedures.

On completion of the installation, comprehensive training was provided to the Nexus operatives to ensure safe use of the equipment.