Keeping workers safe at height

A customer who had used our services many years ago remembered Highwire as a professional, easy to work with business offering first-rate customer service. Even though they don’t often require height safety services they remembered our previous work. When a need came up, we were their “go-to” provider.

Height Access Safety Problem

Our customer operates many repair shops and paint shops. In the division we were working with, they hire out portacabins as site offices. These cabins are typically rented out for months at a time and then brought back for refurbishment and repair. While carrying out repair and refurbishment to the roofs of the cabins, the workers need to be able to walk on the roofs safely

Offering a cable safety system wouldn’t work because the height of the portacabins would mean the worker would hit the floor if they fell.

A Flexible Solution

The new Kee Track system was the obvious system to use on these projects.

Kee Track offered a better degree of flexibility on this project because it can not only be fixed to the roof purlins but also an option to attach to the structural steel members. The track in this project installation is to be used with descender units rather than fall arrest blocks because the customer often has lone workers. The descender units mean that if a lone worker fell then they would be slowly lowered to the ground rather than left dangling in mid-air

Key Benefits

  • The Kee Track system is bespoke to our customer’s needs. The descenders perfectly fit with existing working practices and provide a no-fuss solution.
  • Peace of mind and compliance without interrupting the normal process of work.
  • With our ongoing service & support, our Client knows they can come back to Highwire at any time for further discussion, advice, or queries
  • Highwire provides regular re-testing and recertification to ensure the systems continue to operate effectively.

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