Kee Guard and Abseil Posts Installation

Project Background

In early 2024, Highwire Ltd was approached by a longstanding client with a new project, having previously quoted works for them. Recognising the necessity for reliable rooftop safety measures, Highwire proposed the installation of a Kee Guard system and abseil posts.

Sales Process

After an in-depth analysis of the client’s requirements, Highwire identified the Kee Guard and abseil posts as the optimal solutions. Numerous discussions followed to ensure that the proposed designs adhered to BS 13700:2021 and EN 795 standards. The meticulous planning and design stages culminated in the client issuing a purchase order (PO).


The installation was carried out in March 2024. Highwire’s team ensured a seamless installation process, adhering strictly to the confirmed designs and compliance standards.

Customer Benefits

Highwire’s long-standing relationship with the client facilitated open lines of communication, ensuring the client felt comfortable returning for further discussions, advice, or queries. The project included a re-testing and re-certification agreement, ensuring ongoing safety and compliance. A comprehensive technical file was also submitted to the client for their records.

Roof Edge Protection

Project Summary The combination of abseil posts and the Kee Guard system perfectly addressed the client’s safety needs. Highwire worked diligently with the client to ensure compliance with all relevant British Standards. This project underscored Highwire’s commitment to excellent communication and problem-solving, reinforcing the client’s confidence in their services. The solid customer service provided ensured continued client loyalty, highlighting the importance of a positive customer experience

Key Highlights

  • Product: Kee Guard, Abseil Posts
  • Route to Market: Proactive Enquiry
  • Installation Date: March 2024
  • Compliance: BS 13700:2021, EN 795
  • Customer Benefits: Ongoing support, re-testing and re-certification, technical documentation provided
  • Outcome: Enhanced rooftop safety, reinforced client trust and satisfaction

By focusing on delivering bespoke solutions and maintaining high standards of safety and compliance, Highwire Ltd continues to establish itself as a reliable partner in height safety and access solutions.