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System Design
Utilise our specialist expertise and save time and money.

We can help you through the height safety design and specification  from the beginning of the project, supplying you with the most efficient safety solution at the best possible price.


  • A wealth of  specialist knowledge and experience at your disposal
  • Years of experience
  • Solutions to problems before they arise

From a professional engineering background we understand the considerations required by each member of the design team .Our extensive expertise allows us to advise on the products that perform best in each situation.

From state of the art New Build to Grade II listed buildings, we have the right balance of skills to tackle the most demanding projects, combining height safety requirements with aesthetic and structural considerations.


  • Liaison with the design team
  • Full design drawings
  • Structural calculations
  • Assistance with product specification

Nature of products deigned.

  • Mansafe (TM) Fall arrest systems
  • Track fall arrest systems
  • Guardrail
  • Eyebolts & ladder ties
  • Walkway
  • Safety ladders
  • Abseil Track
  • Abseil anchors
  • Anchor points
  • Bespoke structural fixings

NB- This is a typical and not and exhaustive list

Clients can also make full use of our expertise at design stage whilst still having the option to put the final design to competitive tender.

Cost structure: Costed staged proposal on receipt of brief. Discount if successful in obtaining installation package.

Free: Up to 1/2 hr telephone/ email advice to architects, CA’s and Health and Safety advisors

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