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Certification- More than just a piece of paper

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August and the exam result time of year again, with all the usual headlines it brings. A life defining experience on the journey into the adult world. Youthful dreams made or shattered, teenage turmoil and the weight of parental expectation.

Yet few parents would dream of purchasing a certificate. Most parents and indeed their children would find the idea morally abhorrent.

Their child’s grade is a mark of what has been achieved, what can be achieved and what lesson’s should be learnt.

In height safety, certification whether initial, yearly or bi-annual is potentially a matter of life and death. Yet sadly it is frequently viewed as the mere purchase of a certificate.

Certification and yearly inspection of height safety systems include revision of the risk assessments and inspection of the existing equipment, to ensure beyond reasonable doubt that it is compliant with legislation and most importantly fit to save a life.

When we carry out these inspections we look to build long term professional relationships with our clients, to ensure their liabilities are covered. We may require additional information from the original installer. As others may have occasion to clarify original information from us.

Yet frequently when we have serious concerns the original installer offers certification for free, without answering our concerns or even re-inspecting the systems. On other occasions on new build we are told that they do not care if the provisions or proposals work, they only need a certificate at the lowest cost.

I am sure when, God forbid there is an accident and full investigation, the law will look extremely dimly on these practices. Heavy enough penalties are handed out for complete ignorance of the law. Ignoring prior knowledge is premeditated dereliction of duty.

We will continue to raise issues where we have serious concerns over the adequacy of installations, as not to do so could potentially kill someone.

This is the job our reputable clients’ employ us to do and what they expect. We do not find unnecessary fault we are professional, and when we are asked for information to prove our designs we a proud to openly give it.

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