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Cable Fall Arrest / Mansafe Systems

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Cable safety lines – horizontal and vertical

There are many different products on the market, with widely differing merits in terms of quality and application.

When considering a cable system it is important to have a basic understanding of the following facts:

  • The loading on the end posts/ supports can be up to 30kN

  • Each support must be considered for a 6kN direct fall

  • If the supports are not fitted back to the structure in exact compliance with the manufacturers specifications structural calculations must be provided by the installer.

  • Resin and mechanical concrete, masonry and timber fixings must be structurally  calculated and verified with the design engineer. No company without this expertise will be able to provide sound proposals in this situation( without employing external structural consultants)

  • The manufacturer must provide a calculable and proven method to  accurately predict the loads placed upon the structure in the event of a fall

  • Shock absorption methods must have proven reliability to  limit the loads to the structure and to the user.

  • Top fix systems to roof sheets. ply and other thin materials must act to apply the fall arrest load in shear only – eg they must be proven to collapse in a controlled manner and horizontal to the affixed structure

  • All products and systems fully tested and compliant to industry best standards, which in the UK are required exceed EN795:2012.

Case studies: MacIntosh Mill Uboat Burnley LIFT



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