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Autumn Housekeeping

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We are now deep into autumn and it is time to plan maintenance ahead of the winter. Many problems and accidents occur in the darker, freezing and snowy conditions. It is vital to keep properties well maintained to prevent such occurrences.

Here are some easy measures you can take:

  • Autumn is synonymous with blustery winds and falling leaves. Make sure to clean out your gutters and drain pipes of any debris to prevent clogging.
  • If you think you have a leaky roof, don’t wait for heavy rain before taking action. Get it repaired as soon as possible. Check from the ground for issues such as a dislodged or missing roof tile and check for puddles of water or mould in the roof space after a downpour.
  • Avoid working at height, however, if necessary, ensure the right equipment is chosen, properly inspected and maintained. Use measures to minimise the risk of a fall and ensure everyone involved is competent and trained.

If you need any help or advice on staying safe when working at height, get in touch, we would be happy to help you.

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