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Highwire’s take on Fees For Intervention


A recent report released by the HSE has concluded that not only is the Fees For Intervention (FFI) scheme a good thing but that it is here to stay. Feelings on this news have been mixed, with some people of the opinion that FFI is nothing more than a tactic to raise revenues, as opposed to improving on-site health and safety.

The HSE, of course, disagrees with this opinion and instead theorises that the threat of monetary loss will improve health and safety practices among businesses.

Opposers struggling to find a practical alternative

The frustrating truth for companies at the moment, is that there is currently no practical alternative to the FFI. As much as we dislike any plan that involves the risk of additional costs, it is irresponsible to put a price on health and safety. The HSE is of the opinion that companies are more likely to take all necessary safety precautions when the fear of fines and penalties hang over their heads – an opinion that is, unfortunately, hard to disprove.

Are you at risk of receiving fines and costs associated with the FFI?

In a word, yes – especially if you are unsure of the current health and safety standards that are in place. Thus far, many companies financially affected by the FFI due to non-compliance of safety standards have claimed that although they have attempted to be diligent in their health and safety practices. Many claim they have ultimately struggled to keep up with all that the health and safety standards involve. Unfortunately for these companies, citing ignorance does little to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with non-compliance of health and safety law.

Highwire’s take on the current situation

There are two sides to every argument, and in this case, Highwire can identify with both. Because of how passionate we are about health and safety, we fully acknowledge the need for health and safety enforcement measures to be taken. However, we also recognise that for companies to remain successful and profitable, they cannot afford the staggeringly high fines and enforcement notice costs associated with the FFI, as well as the expense and inconvenience associated with the HSE getting involved.

Moving forward

The silver lining for companies when it comes to HSE involvement and the FFI is that if you are adhering to the current safety standards, you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about. This is why it is imperative that you hire a knowledgeable and experienced health and safety expert to deal with your health and safety requirements – particularly when it comes to specialist fields such as working at height.

At Highwire, we specialise in maintaining health and safety systems that can help you avoid a HSE visit or FFI charge.  We carry out up-to-date safety audits, as well as offering on-going support and advice on how to best improve and maintain crucial safety requirements – offering you not only protection from the HSE or FFI costs but peace of mind as well.

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