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Action against poor quality safety equipment


I hwlogorecently read an interesting article by Stuart Linnet. Manager, Global Engineered Systems at Capital Safety. Entitled Working at height:demistifying the myths, Stuart’s article discusses the importance of proper training and procedures in the use of Height Safety equipment and how people make assumptions about the quality and effectiveness of some safety equipment which simply aren’t true.

A key assumption made (quite naturally) by many people is that because a piece of equipment is CE marked it must be tested as safe and fit for purpose. This is not true!

As height safety specialists, Highwire do not simply supply a standard range of products. In every case, we make a professional assessment of the needs and application of each client and then specify a system and equipment that is, in our engineering experience, fit for purpose.

In our own experience we have come across height safety system installations which include components which simply WOULD NOT WORK in a fall-arrest incident, yet meet the basic required standards.

HSE-logoThis is a situation that the Health and Safety Executive is keen to address proactively. At a meeting earlier this year, HSE representatives agreed that where a BSIF member identifies an inferior piece of safety equipment which, in their opinion, is inappropriate for the particular installation, they should report this directly to the BISF who will then refer details to the HSE for investigation and any necessary action they deem appropriate.

The details of this new regime are still being finalised but it looks like it may be a significant step forward in raising UK height safety standards even further.

If you’d like to know more or to discuss your own height safety requirements, do get in touch.


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