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Smallest Company to Achieve Be Fair Award


BeFair_CITB_Logo_Working_Towards-2_rgbWith a growing skill shortage in the construction industry even the smallest of companies need to consider diversity properly watch


Droylsden construction company has become one of the first in the country to be rewarded for its commitment to Fairness Inclusion and Respect in the workforce.
Highwire Limited from Droylsden has been awarded the new ‘Be Fair’ Accreditation by the Construction Industry Training Board following a pilot scheme.
The family run company is specialist contractor, providing engineered height safety solutions nationally. They have been based in Tameside for 17 years and employ 14 staff.
Photo on 11-11-2013 at 13.26Elizabeth Rickard from the company said:
“We’re delighted to be part of the Be Fair Framework. We’re committed to promoting fairness and inclusion in the workplace so that our employees and others working in construction feel welcome and respected. ”

The Be Fair Framework is being developed by the industry, for the industry, to create more inclusive working environments which support individuals and companies across construction and the built environment sector.
The Framework aims to address negative cultures and practices to create a fair, inclusive and respectful industry for everyone.

Kate Lloyd, Fairness Inclusion and Respect Manager at CITB said: “Support from organisations like Highwire Limited is what we need to help address the industry’s lingering image problem, change negative cultures and improve its diversity credentials. Construction still has an image problem and is traditionally seen as a ‘job for the boys’.

“Women have made up only 12% of the industry for the last decade and with confidence in construction growing, we need 182,000 qualified construction workers in the next five years to meet the skills demand. We also need to ensure the working environment across the industry is supportive so these workers stay in the construction industry so we can benefit from their knowledge, experiences and skills.

“That’s why we need to attract and retain the best and brightest talent to our industry regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and background.

“CITB is taking action by introducing the BeFair framework to help create more inclusive working environments, both in offices and on sites, to ensure that all workers are treated fairly and with respect.”

For more information on the BeFair Framework, visit www.citb.co.uk

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Standards up dates and clarification – Fall Arrest/ restraint systems


images-2Great care is now required when relying on reference to EN795: 2012.It must be understood that this standard referees only to the parts of a fall arrest system considered to be PERSONAL Protective Equipment (PPE) under the European PPE directive.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Products under this code need only be tested and designed for one user, in the UK it is most common for 2 user systems to be specified.

It cannot be assumed that testing for one user means that the system will remain safe for 2 users.

Systems sold for use of more than one user should pass an additional testing to CENTS 16415

EN 795 only covers the testing of certain products themselves as stand alone items.

It offers no guidance on where, what or how these products are attached to for a safety system.

With regard to product testing, scope and use of other components, this is covered by a large number of other specific standards.

There is no standard that covers the strength and design of the installed connections or the actual anchorage to the structure.In its absence these should be verified by rigorous testing and structural verification in accordance with the appropriate structural   design codes.

There is at present no code or scheme to ensure correct competency and training of installers who essentially design the systems.

images-3Treat with caution information you are given with regard to these products, it is a highly specialised area of expertise. Access to competent expertise in can be obtained by contacting the British Safety Industry Federation.

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New Expert Witness Service


We can provide reliable, engineering based expert witness services for all aspects of height safety disputes. This service is underpinned by our unique access to international height safety expertise.

For this service please contact our chief engineer e.rickard@highwire.info with your specific requirements.

All enquires will be treated in strictest confidentiality.

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