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EN 795 2012


EN795 1996 has been revised  and replaced by EN 795 2012.

The new standard is designed to ensure consistency EU wide and to eliminate anchors only classified for fall restraint purposes.

It does not cover multiple users, this will be covered by a new supporting technical specification CENT TS 16415, due for publication shortly.

In practical terms:

Existing products should all in time be tested to the revised standards

Specifying just to these codes is not a guarantee that you  will be provided with a complaint installation.

EN 795 2012 relates to the performance of the products in isolation, for one user only.

Once permanently  fixed to the building  anchor points come under the governance of building regulations and the relevant structural design codes.  Compliance with which is the installers responsibility.

If you have any concerns or questions just ask :

enquiries@highwire.info  or  @highwireheightsafety



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