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Highwire – Striving to raise standards.



We are pleased to announce our membership of the British Safety Industry Federation.
The BSIF is the UK’s leading trade body for the safety industry. It is a Health and Safety recognised competent authority and the lead trade body for the PPE Regulations as designated by the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

We look forward to working with BSIF its’ members and other relevant bodies to contribute to help ensure the industry is ‘working together safely’.

Highwire- Striving to raise awareness.

Our article raising our concern over the growing number of sub-standard installations we are encountering, received an excellent response from Health and safety managers internationally. Clearly indicating a growing awareness that sub –standard installations have huge cost implications to the building owner –   in addition to the moral implications.

Just a taste of the responses:

There is nothing like leaving the job in your own car… opposed to an ambulance. Every step in the right direction is progress. Keep pushing straight ahead”

A skilled tradesman

“We had the same costly issue with non compliant systems. Creating a thorough vetting process has saved us countless dollars and provided us with quality systems being installed, making our parks and resorts safer for workers at height”

Health and Safety Manager for an international entertainment company.

Unfortunately to the untrained eye it appears they are offering the same safety solutions at a fraction of the price. The real cost will be borne out of tragedy”

Construction professional

Do not get caught out!   Down load our free fact sheet. If  you design, specify, price site manage- or work at height turn  your  eye into a trained eye! Yours or someone else’s life depends on it.

It is short, simple and easy to understand.  Then whoever you chose for your height safety, you will know how to ensure the installation is safe.

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